School Program

Our newest project is an age appropriate program for kids from elementary through high school.  Utilizing the fun of dance and the action of stunt fighting, we bring a positive message about making good choices so that they can go on to achieve their dreams.  We teach the importance of team work through parkour and dance, our anti-bullying and anti-violence message is delivered through stunt fighting, and to address underage drinking/drugs/smoking there is an interactive question and answer session with the students where each correct answer is rewarded by the team doing back flips at the end.

We wrap up the program by showing pictures and giving real-life examples of what you can achieve if you stay out of trouble and follow your dreams.  Although just getting started, our program has support from law enforcement in our community of Lafayette and West Lafayette as well as from the Chicago Police Department.  In addition, we have support from current and former professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, WWE and Impact.  Our first school program was a homecoming pep rally at Harrison High School where we performed dance and stunt fighting for hundreds of students and received a recommendation from the Athletic Director, Jerry Galema (you can see the performance and interview with Mr. Galema and other school performances under the Videos tab).  Following this performance we were bombarded with messages from schools in Lafayette, West Lafayette, Lebanon, Indianapolis, and other surrounding areas to bring our message to their students and we are also working to get into the Chicago school system with the plan to eventually take the program nationwide.

Contact us today to bring this message to your school or after school program.