Stunt Acting

A League Stunt Fighting


Power Rangers: Zenith – the team was chosen to portray the putties in this film being shot in Carmel, IN.  Dressed as rock-like bad guys known as putties, they will have several fight scenes with the Power Rangers actors.  They also appeared out of costume as fighters in a martial arts tournament scene.

Hunted – This is an original series which is being written, filmed, edited, and directed by members of the team.  The first episode was released on July 28, 2016 and featured Van Stokes as a bounty hunter looking to capture his assignment (Frankie Chuang) and turn him in to collect the $50,000 reward.  The series will feature not only members of the team, but guest fighters as well and will be released on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

IMG_8263 IMG_4037 IMG_4395 IMG_4388

HUNTED – Episode 1 (July 28, 2016)

Big Fight Scene (Van Stokes, Frankie Chuang, Dallas Crick, William Miner, Jamar Bates & Darin Miner)