Frankie Chuang




Name:  Frankie Carter (aka Frankie Chuang or “Blade”)

Birthday:  June 8

Hometown:  Lafayette, Indiana

Instagram:  @f.chuang



Van and his family lived across the street from my babysitter’s house so I have known him since I was a young boy and he was a teenager.  As a kid I was into Power Rangers, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Michael Jackson.  I always played around doing karate, but after watching numerous Chinese movies I started taking martial arts seriously at the age of 13.  I studied for a year at a Shaolin Temple in Chinatown and then continued my training in Kung Fu/martial arts and have now been doing it for 10 years,  but I didn’t start doing parkour until I was 18.  When I turned 21 I reconnected with Van at a club where he tried to get me to dance battle one of his friends and told me about The A League.  We talked about my various skills and what I could bring to the team and although I wasn’t sure at first, I went to a practice and saw for myself what the team was all about.  Being a part of A League has benefited me so much; at the age of 23 I am now a choreograph dancer, martial arts actor/stunt fighter, and I do parkour.  I consider Van to be not only my Team Leader and friend, but also someone who is like my brother and the rest of the team is like my second family.  I am starting to train for the 2017 season of American Ninja Warrior so keep watching!!


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