Trent Lyman




Name:  Trent Lyman

Birthday:  March 27

Birthplace:  Indianapolis, Indiana

Hometown:  Lafayette, Indiana

Instagram:  @lyman009



I am a dancer, freerunner, and skateboarder.  I also do parkour and participate in the comedy skits.  I was dancing one day and ran into Van and he invited me to come to the next practice.  I showed up to practice, became part of the A League team, and we started doing dance choreo and making videos for Facebook.

IMG_5574062514 Trent on top of stump-2IMG_5409IMG_8361_FotorIMG_6005IMG_5777 (2)IMG_5707 (2)IMG_5618 (2) IMG_5621 (2)IMG_7534 (2)

Trent – “I Wanna Rock Right Now” by Snoop Dogg