Van Underwood Stokes


Name:  Van Underwood Stokes

Birthday:  August 7

Hometown:  Lafayette, Indiana

Instagram:  @vanstokes



I was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana and did my first flip at the age of five, when I was showing off for my dad. I grew up in the Friendly Village trailer park playing video games with my brothers, cousins, and friends which is something I still do today.  After graduating high school, I wrestled professionally at Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, KY which is where I first started A League.  When I was done with wrestling, I moved back to Lafayette and re-started A League in January 2014

I have appeared in a commercials for KentuckyOne Health and St. Vincent Cancer Care, was a final contestant on WWE’s 2011 Tough Enough competition, competed on CMT’s Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge in August 2014 (season 1, episode 9), and went to the regional qualifying competition for American Ninja Warrior in April 2015. In 2014, I also worked on a Netflix original series called “Sense 8” (from the producers of the Matrix) and Chicago PD which airs weekly on NBC.  Most recently I was invited to Orlando, FL to try out with the WWE and am a prospect for 2017.

I workout at least five days a week lifting weights, playing basketball, playing Sunday afternoon football with family/friends, and flipping. I am involved in most every aspect of A League – dancing, stunt fighting, acting, comedy, parkour, freerunning, modeling, fitness, and charity events.  In addition I create choreography for dance and stunt fighting, direct and edit our videos, am one of the writers for our original web series that will be released in 2016, and work with our manager on all activities related to management of the team.

Stone Cold Steve Austin on the set of Broken Skull Challenge

Stone Cold Steve Austin on the set of Broken Skull Challenge

Regional qualifying round

American Ninja Warrior Regional qualifying round

KentuckyOne commercial

KentuckyOne commercial

Broken Skull Facebook Cover

Broken Skull Facebook Cover

052915 from ANW Instagram




IMG_5720 IMG_6024IMG_5791 (2)IMG_5670 IMG_5730 (2) IMG_8464 IMG_8463WWE Performance Center Tryout Group Pic

“Lafayette Native Eyes the WWE” – Interview with WLFI